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Current & Future* Titles
Legends of Mystaris
  The Flame of Illean
  The Lord of Blackskull Keep
  *The Curse of Nephos

Heroes of Redmarch
  Goblin Bane

Travels of Puss
  Puss in Boots
  *Cinderella and the Furry Godfather

Indigo Hollow
  *Reign of Despair

Other Stories
  A Handful of Beans
  * Hadrian's Wall
  * Hotshot in the City
  * Mindspell

Combatdisk Ltd. is a software developer. We have produced our own range of inebooks, interactive adventures stories for Palm OSTM, Pocket PC handheld organisers and Windows PCs.
The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Gamebooks.
Want to know more about gamebooks? You can read about the gamebook phenomenon and our thoughts on the future of this genre here.

Inspired by classic gamebooks such as Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf, Legends of Mystaris signals the rebirth of the genre for the handheld computer.

With three different characters and four scenarios to choose from, come and see why the PDArcade reviewer said: "I highly recommend this game! I couldn't get enough and still continue to play it."

Aerdh is a world of gods, magic and rule by the sword. While the all-powerful deities of Aerdh watch over the affairs of mortals, humans and the other races and creatures of the world vie for dominance and power. One such place is Redmarch, one of the greatest of the realms of men, and a land of danger, mystery and adventure.

The first in the Heroes of Redmarch series is Goblin Bane.

The first in the Travels of Puss series is Puss in Boots, a re-telling of the classic fable "Puss In Boots".

From our other stories section comes A Handful of Beans, a re-telling of the classic fable "Jack and the Beanstalk".

Here you will find details of the forthcoming titles to be published as inebooks by Combatdisk.

An inebook is an "interactive ebook". But it is more than simply an electronic edition of a story - an inebook allows you to determine the direction of the story by choosing the actions for the story's character/s. With so many possibilities to choose from, you'll be able to read an inebook numerous times and never get quite the same story.
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